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Carragher’s bar

Jamie Carragher's Bar, just off Time Square, New York is now home for several Spirit of Liverpool Liver Birds. Named after the Liverpool FC legend it is a hot favourite with Reds fans and ex-pats. It is owned by Irishman Brian Mclaughlin, who describes himself as an 'adopted Scouser'. The bar and restaurant is packed [...]

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The Boston Spirit of Liverpool

A team of youngsters from the United States have met  a giant version of their Liver Bird mascot. The players from the Boston soccer academy, recently re-named The Spirit of Liverpool, were on a visit to the UK and came face to face with the 8ft version of the bird which stands in Central Station. [...]

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The Spirit of Liverpool – Under the Mersey Moon

Bit of a positive endorsement from Arthur and Rick for Jimmy Rae, singer/songwriter of Under the Mersey Moon. The guys have known Jimmy for years now, love the song and wanted to share it with all the Liver Bird community. In Jimmy's words: 'Under the Mersey Moon' a musical tribute to the enduring [...]

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The Spirt of Liverpool is the New Liverbirds Inc

Liver Birds Inc has been in business for six years. During that time our Spirit of Liverpool Liver Birds have sold to more than 40 countries and been admired by some big names – even the Queen has one! The birds are particularly popular with ex-pat Scousers and an American soccer academy has even renamed [...]

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Tommy Steele – adopted Scouser

The veteran entertainer, Tommy Steele, has been officially named and honoured as an “Adopted Scouser”. He was presented with a Spirit of Liverpool Liver Bird by the Lord Mayor, Coun Anthony Conception, to recognise his long term affection for the people of the city which he marked by creating the Eleanor Rigby statue in the [...]

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The Spirit of Liverpool has finally landed!

An 8ft Liver Bird has found a new home in the centre of Liverpool. The bronze Spirit of Liverpool, which has been welcoming cruise liners into the city during the summer is to be moved to the shopping mall just outside Central Station and will be unveiled there by Ken Dodd on Thursday, October 22. [...]

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Spirit of Liverpool is set to be the third Liverbird!

Finally, after three years of campaigning, The Spirit of Liverpool, is to become the city’s ‘third’ Liver Bird. Standing 6ft tall, the bronze statue will welcome commuters and tourists alike to Central Station. Liverbirds Inc. has received initial funding from the Liverpool Commercial District Partnership for the statue, which will be erected in memory of [...]

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By Royal Appointment!

A large version of the Spirit of Liverpool is now in Buckingham Palace after being presented to the Queen as a gift from the city when she visited the Royal Liver Building. It was presented by the then Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Frank Prendergast, who already has his own model of the bird. The city [...]

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